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Pulling Teeth

Okay, solved that issue. Turns out I needed to include the baseurl in the part of the pages that generates the URLs, otherwise it fails.

This happens a lot in IT. IT is basically just smacking your head against a problem until the problem breaks. Or your head does. But when studying, they don’t tell you this is what IT is. They give you neat little CompSci problems that have neat little outcomes that make you go “Cool I made a thing, look mom.”

I think it’s the reason I have imposter syndrome. It doesn’t matter how many years I’m in the field, or how many people tell me I’m doing a good job, I never feel quite like I belong. Like I’m just pretending I know what I’m doing, and by this point I’ve learned enough to fake it really well.

Don’t fall victim to it like I did.

On a more entertaining note, I figured out how to add an author to the posts. Neat.

At the moment, to make a new post, I’m copying an old post, editing the time/date/title etc and rewriting. I should write a small bash script that would spit out a blank blog post with correct timestamp.