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Who is Effex?

In my old blog I had some mysterious and stupid post about who I was, clamouring about anonymity. It raises a good point, as I don’t think people really need to be tracked as much as they are (and as someone who worked in Digital Marketing for a while, it is way more than you think.)

Here it is, in all it’s random pretentious glory:

“Not clear. I’m a random nerd. From a random country. With a random name. One of my coding projects is this. [Se]m[bl][en]ce. My secure blogging platform. It’s ripped off from somewhere. I don’t recall where. Some tutorial. If it was yours: Thanks. You saved me a ton of time. Its keywords are: Secure. Anonymous.

I am also a security researcher and enthusiast. Occasional CTF aficionado. Maybe even hacker? Whatever you want to call me.

This blog is for me to document my journey, and thoughts. It’s a log of errors. And for the most part, they’re my own.”

It’s keywords are… I don’t know what I was drinking at the time. But most of the above is true. I coded Semblence as a security example for entrapment security, making hackers get confused and give up, etc. I used it for a while.

I am a random nerd. That’s true. But I’m also not.

Don’t get me wrong. I do a lot of nerd things. But I also don’t do a lot of them.

I like comic book movies. I don’t like comics. It’s weird, but I think they suffer from Soap Opera Syndrome where every issue has to one-up the last that leads to poorly written back and forth between heroes and villains.

I like video games. I’m not sure I have favourites. There are some I revisit often. Joust on the Atari 7800 (not the 2600 version). Final Fantasy games. The Dark Souls series I seem to come back to at least once every 18 months. Super Metroid for the SNES. Any of the MasterSystem or MegaDrive games I grew up with. I’ve played WoW casually for 13 years.

I used to read a lot of books. These days I don’t get the time. But audiobooks are a life-saver.

That being said, a lot of people throughout my life never knew much of my nerdy side. I play the guitar and the piano. Have performed in a handful of pubs, bars, etc across two continents. I have a violin I intend to learn more once this Corona situation is resolved. Lots of these people never knew me as nerdy.

I like building things. I made a side-blast furnace to work metal, anvil constructed from an old railway track. I write music.

I write. It’s a big thing for me, though almost no one knows. I’ve always written. I wrote my first full length book when I was 17. And it fucking sucked. But maybe I’ll write more about this later.

So that’s Effex. Me. Named after a dragon from Bahamut Lagoon, the dark antithesis of a phoenix (because I was emo).

Anyway, this blog seems to work. I’m going to kick back with some retro video games. Starting with Joust on the Atari 7800.