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Tracking A Hangover

I don’t have much of an alcohol tolerance. I drink rarely, and rarer still are the days that I drink heavily. I find it hard to judge how drunk I have become. So I looked into some sort of “drunkness scale” for reference and found:

1: Sobriety
2: Euphoria
3: Excitement
4: Confusion
5: Stupor
6: Coma
7: Death

How bleak. And not at all an entertaining scale like I was searching for. But based on that scale and my roughly calculated BAC, I never left Euphoria. Based on the symptoms I would have put myself into excitement, personally.

Regardless, this isn’t a log of that. I know what I’m like when I drink.

This is logging the hangover from the day after Midsummer’s Eve.

9:30 - Wake up, attempt breakfast. Cereal. Drink 1.5l of water. Ignore headache.
10:30 - Realise I agreed to go boating with father-in-law. Still hungry. 
10:32 - Crawl to store for sandwich and powerade.
10:40 - Powerade out. Take last bottle of Gatorade instead.
10:55 - Eat sandwich on boat. Drink powerade. Head out to sea.
12:30 - Return from sea. Sea air, isotonic sports drink and sandwich solved hangover. 
12:31 - Still hungry though.
12:35 - Eat leftover salads and meat from BBQ
14:00 - Resumed normal day. Guard lowered. Mistake.
15:00 - Hangover headache returns, and VENGEANCE BURNS.
16:00 - Lay on sofa, drooling.
17:00 - Require pizza. Go collect pizza. Eat pizza.
19:00 - Pizza distraction complete. Hangover returns.
20:00 - Drink too much water. Should stock up on powerade next time.
22:00 - Collapse into bed, take 1x400g Burana. Place wet towel on head. Mope.
22:25 - Realise I drank too much water. Get up to pee.
22:35 - .. and again.
00:33 - .. and again.
02:02 - .. and again.
03:45 - .. and again.

Alcohol is the great equalizer. It renders smart men stupid, turns stupid men into philosophers, makes all heights reachable, if only the floor would stop moving.