Log of E

Spectator-mode Notepad

An Absence

I’ve been gone.

I don’t really know why. I couldn’t tell you.

Actually, I probably could. I’ve been writing other things.

I switched job, started working at another company.

I also spent 5 months in Poland. Where I didn’t do much and could have happily written blog posts. I feel like I may have penned some.

Somewhere. I have no idea where.

But now I’m 10 months into the new job. I’m pretty settled. Things are going fairly nicely.

I’ve also applied for, been accepted to, and will begin my re-education in September. As such, I’ll be in a different city for one day a month in the upcoming two years. I figured that it and the trains will give me ample blogging time.

Stream of consciousness. I’ll try to do it like git. Smaller commits, more often.