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Henry David Thoreau is credited with saying “I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.”

His love of water is so clear that a Swedish company, called Thoreau Water, have created their flagship product around providing water cooling and filtration systems to restaurants, offices and cafes across Scandinavia.

In a similar pearl of wisdom, Reddit user u/umbrazno posted in the r/Showerthoughts subreddit: “Water is a beverage whose flavour is its temperature.”

The third component we have to consider is the commonly accepted knowledge that beverages in glass bottles taste better than the same beverage served in plastic. This is due to the low chemical reactivity of glass compared to plastic, meaning that it does not corrupt the flavour.

Finally. According to the Mayo Clinic, men are supposed to drink around 3.7 liters (2.7 for women) of fluid a day, with 80% of that (about 3l) coming from drinks.

We can distill all this wisdom down to one sensible piece of information:

“A wise man keeps three glass, one-liter bottles of water in his refrigerator at all times. But a wise woman can get away with a little less.” - Effex