Log of E

Spectator-mode Notepad

Well that's over

After breaking everything, I figured a simple way to force the git history back to the last known good commit.

It is now functioning again. Remind me not to try changing the theme.

Running locally turned out to be a bit more trouble than expected, too. Lots of problems installing themes and getting pages to display in even a vaguely sensible fashion.

I think this whole thing is a problem with my misuse of GIT. See, this sort of thing would have made sense to roll out to a Staging Branch first. But not me, I’m the Rambo of computers. I push straight to Master!

Because I’m dumb.

If I attempt this again, and despite my warnings not 12 seconds ago, I probably will, and soon, I should definitely create an additional branch to work on.

I learned something about Jekyll, and about Gemfiles that might help. If I’m right, replacing the theme in the Gemfile and in the _config.yml file should work.

And if I’m wrong, assuming I use branching properly, it won’t matter.